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“You think you have to have it all figured out before you get started - that you have to have a title and know exactly what you're going to do, but that’s just not true!”

—Lisa, Mother of 3, making six figures as a freelance copywriter using Upwork. 

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The Kenza Pod
Don’t Hustle, Thrive: Cultivating a Mindset for Success with Lisa Cumes


Expand and evolve.

Lisa Cumes—six-figure freelancer, business owner, and mom of three—visits the Kenza Pod again to discuss how to cultivate a mindset of abundance, in order to achieve the success you desire and deserve both in your personal and in your business life. 

Lisa has created a thriving copywriting business, and also serves as a coach for freelancers through Full Thrive, where she teaches people to “stop hustling, and start thriving.”

Delve into how to shift your mindset with Tiff, Beth and Lisa as they discuss:

  • How the pandemic served as a catalyst for an awakening around work, parenting, and life as a freelancing parent
  • The amazing reading list that Tiff and Lisa put together, and how these books have helped them do the work needed to shift their own mindsets
  • The daily practices, routines, and workouts Lisa incorporates in her life to create a thrive mindset
  • Why transcendental meditation is a lot less creepy than it sounds, and how it helps Lisa sow the seeds of creativity and productivity 
  • How and why to give your mind the quiet space for new ideas (and why parents especially need this)

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Get out ahead of crazy weeks so that you're proactive instead of reactive. See at a glance when you’re actually available to start a project, taking into account not only your client work, but your family responsibilities as well. Re-center yourself when you’re feeling a bit scattered. See when a lull is coming so that you can go out and book more work.

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