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4 Steps to Transition From Hourly to Project-Based Pricing

project + client + time mgmt proposals Nov 11, 2021

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“We’ve all been there. Stuck in an hourly contract that we wish we weren’t in. Kicking ourselves for doing the exact opposite of what everyone warned about. I get it… I did the exact same thing when I went out on my own. I was so excited to land my first client, and they wanted to pay me hourly, so… I sold my time. I sold my hours. It worked for a while….until it didn’t” 

This episode is for you if: 

  • You’re nervous about making the switch from hourly to project-based pricing with current and future clients 
  • You want a step by step guide on how to approach your current clients to make the switch
  • You need to get better at saying “no” to hourly rates and understand what to say instead
  • You want to deepen your understanding of how to land and implement monthly retainers and/or project-based pricing

Join Tiffany for this "must listen to" episode of The Kenza Pod, where she shares four steps on how to make the transition from hourly to project-based pricing with your clients. 

Tiffany shares her own experience of working hourly (and why that doesn’t work), and walks you through the step-by-step process she used to untangle herself from hourly and what she learned in the process.

If you're on the fence about whether it's the right time to make the switch in your business, be sure to tune in!

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