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5 Financial Tasks You Need to do Before the End of the Year

money + taxes Dec 09, 2021

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“With just three weeks left in 2021, it’s time to get serious and make sure that we’ve tended to our finances for the year. Don’t put this off and procrastinate until next year! You’ll regret it, you’ll pay more money, you’ll drain more energy, and it just won’t be worth it. Plus, you may miss an opportunity to make strategic decisions with your money.” - Tiff

Life is busy right now and we're all just trying to finish out the year strong. So in this episode, we’re giving you the five tasks that you need to do by year-end in order to set yourself up for success come tax season. C’mon - just five little tasks are all we’re asking for here. You can do this!

This episode is for you if: 

  • You want to know the exact steps you need to take to successfully close out your business’s finances for the year and set yourself up for success come tax season. 
  • You need practical, actionable tips on what exactly you need to do before year-end, versus what can wait until next year. 

Links Mentioned + Other Helpful Resources

Handling taxes and business finances can be intimidating and overwhelming, especially if you are trying to figure it out all by yourself. If you still feel stuck, go to and sign up for Beth’s Financial Mentorship, where she can help give you the knowledge you need to build a sustainable business. 

IRS Self-Employed Individuals Tax Center

IRS Website 

Small Business and Self - Employed State Government Websites 

CPA mentioned in the episode: Shannon Weinstein on Instagram  and her website: Fitnancial Solutions

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