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A tax preparation breakdown & checklist to make your life easier

money + taxes Feb 04, 2021

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It’s that time of year, folks: Time to start gathering and organizing your records for taxes!


We sat down with Kirstin Smith, Enrolled Agent and Owner at Balanced Tax Solutions and our go-to resource for all things business taxes, to walk us through how to get yourself organized for taxes. This is a MUST listen if you are a freelancer in the U.S.

We covered the following topics: 

  • A checklist of time-sensitive to-dos that you don’t want to put off
  • How to gather & organize all of your expenses and deductions
  • Lesser-known deductions that you should be sure to include in your Summary
  • 2020-specific topics like how to handle a PPP Loan and your stimulus check (for example, did you know that the stimulus check you received in January 2021 goes on your 2020 return?!)
  • Important deadlines for business entities
  • ...and lots of other super helpful advice!


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