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How to Hire and Manage Subcontractors

project + client + time mgmt Oct 07, 2021

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There may come a time when you have an opportunity to hire and manage subcontractors in order to produce a project for a client. Whether you need help executing your own deliverables, or you need someone else’s expertise and skillset to bring more value to a client’s project, hiring subcontractors is an exciting next step in your business!

That said, there are definitely pros and cons to working with subcontractors, and it’s not for everyone.

In this episode, Beth and Tiffany walk you through a step-by-step scenario, detailing from start to finish exactly how to find, hire, onboard, and manage subcontractors. They share their best pro tips from both a project management and a financial perspective.

What you’ll learn in this episode: 

  • Pros and cons of working with subcontractors & how to know if it’s right for you.
  • Key questions to ask during the interview process.
  • Details that need to be discussed before you bring someone onto your team. 
  • How to onboard a subcontractor and what to be aware of during the process.
  • The importance of vetting people to protect your reputation.
  • Key agreements to have in writing before you hire.

Did you know that we hire subcontractors from within our community to help with our client projects? If you’re interested in subcontracting with us, or you’re looking for jobs that come through The Collective with clients that we know and trust, join our free Slack channel where we post jobs at kenzacollective/com/slack.

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