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How to Navigate Healthcare as a Freelancer with a Family, with Freelancers Union Executive Director, Rafael Espinal

money + taxes May 26, 2021

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Don't let healthcare hold you back from your dreams.

Is healthcare the ball and chain holding you or your partner to that 9-5? Would you be more willing to take the leap into full-time freelancing if you knew you had affordable healthcare and a supportive community of like-minded independent workers? 

In this episode, we sat down with Freelancers Union Executive Director, Rafael Espinal, to answer the most common question that people have when considering the leap: But what about healthcare?

The Freelancers Union was founded in 1995 as an advocacy group that helped freelancers obtain health insurance by collectively bargaining. They’ve since morphed into a vast network of community resources, a political powerhouse, and all-encompassing platform for independent workers. 

Tiff and Beth spoke with Executive Director, Rafael Espinal on how he got his start as a freelancer advocate, why the Freelancers Union is so important, and how you can take advantage of all the Freelancers Union has to offer, including access to affordable health care and a ton of other benefits traditionally offered by larger companies. 

In addition to learning about how to obtain affordable healthcare as a freelancer, you’ll also hear about: 

  • The Freelancers Union policy work, and the “Freelancing Isn’t Free” act
  • How the Freelancers Union connects independent workers with healthcare providers
  • The numerous benefits (including tons of discounts) offered by the Freelancers Union when you become a member
  • How the Freelancers Union continues to advocate for policy change and a more equitable healthcare system
  • What the Freelancers Union is doing to support independent workers during and after COVID
  • How to join the Freelancers Union (hint: it’s free!)

If you are ready to stop being a “captive employee” and learn how to navigate health benefits as a freelancer, be sure to check out this episode and then head on over to the Freelancer’s Union and sign up for a membership!


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