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How to Save Your Sanity Through Time Blocking, with Claire Holmes, Founder of Mama Collaborative

project + client + time mgmt Mar 24, 2022

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“If you work a 40 hour work week that’s time blocked, intentional, and prioritized, you can get the same amount of work done with a 60 hour work week that’s unstructured. You really save time when you eliminate distractions and it’s a huge benefit of time blocking."

Have you ever found yourself wondering: how can I get more work done in less time?

We sat down with Claire Holmes— founder of Mama Collaborative—to dig into that question and discover how to implement time blocking into your weekly routine to save you time and energy.

In this episode, we get to hear Claire’s story from captive employee to autonomous business owner, founding Double H Design Co., and creating Mama Collaborative, where she supports working Moms.

We then discuss what exactly time blocking is, why it’s absolutely critical to us working parents, how it works, how to stick to it, and practical tips to get started today. Plus, you can hop over to to watch a supplemental video where Claire walks you through exactly how this looks and works.

We also discuss the amazing new resource Claire has drawn up for working moms, and we share an exclusive discount and sneak peek that is only available to Kenza Pod listeners! Trust us, you don’t want to miss it!

This episode is for you if:

  • You’ve been wondering how to get started with time blocking but you don't know where to begin.
  • You’re feeling overwhelmed with getting your tasks completed and need practical strategies to implement right away to help improve your time management.
  • You find your calendar to be cluttered and you don’t know how to organize it.
  • You don’t feel in control of your time and need help prioritizing events in your schedule.

About Our Guest

Claire Holmes is the Owner of Double H Design Co.. where she serves as a marketing consultant. She is also a graphic designer and video editor for special projects such as family photo books and slide shows.

In addition to Double H Design Co., Claire is the Founder of Mama Collaborative which is an organization dedicated to helping working moms learn how to set themselves up for success through digital courses, resources, tools, and an encouraging online community.

Leveraging her personal experience as a full-time working mom of 3, her goal is to help moms move away from stress, overwhelm, and anxiety to find satisfaction and purpose in life. Mama Collaborative empowers working mamas to make smart, streamlined and strategic choices about successfully managing their busy lives - and finding fulfillment.

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