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How to use Human Design to make better decisions, improve your relationships, understand your kids, and love yourself more deeply

mindset Dec 21, 2022


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Human Design is an incredibly specific way to help you...

  • learn more about and appreciate your unique personality
  • understand how you take in and process energy from the world
  • help you understand your unique way of decision-making (some should wait up to a month before making a big decision, while others are meant to make decisions in the moment!)
  • work more effectively with clients and teams
  • become a better parent & partner

Human Design is a system based on your exact time, date, and place of birth. It’s a mix of Kabbalah, I'Ching, Myers-Briggs, astrology, biochemistry, genetics, and the chakra system all in one. 

I know, I know…. It all sounds a bit out there, right? 

But if you think about it, don’t all systems, religions, beliefs, etc sound a bit out there? 

I am forever curious about all types of wisdom and ways of understanding myself and the world. And for some reason, Human Design just really resonates with me in a way that no other teaching ever has before.

To be clear, Human Design is not a religion. It doesn’t predict your future or your health. It is simply a system that helps you understand who you are at a deeper level. 

For me, understanding who I am through the lens of Human Design has helped me to accept myself and my quirks, get better at my decision-making process, improve my relationships, lower my stress and anxiety levels, and so much more. Crazy, right?!

Before you dive in to this episode, I would highly encourage you to get your chart. It’s free and easy—all you need is your birthday, location, and time to get started. If you don’t know the time you were born, we cover what to do in the episode. For now, just put a guess in and you’ll learn what to do if you’re unsure.

Get your chart at or

I invited Human Design expert, Nadia Last, to the pod to talk us through the origins of Human Design, the 5 energy types, our Authority, and our Strategy. We weave in and out of practical applications of this system, and I even share a bit of my labor and delivery story on the pod for the first time ever. 

Buckle up for a a deep, intuitive, and insightful conversation that will surely have an impact on your business, your relationships, your decision-making, and so much more. 


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