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How a Mom of 2 uses Upwork to build the life of her dreams

project + client + time mgmt Jan 28, 2021

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Follow your curiosity, and give yourself permission to dive in.

Upwork is a platform where freelancers can create a free profile to connect with potential clients looking for their skillset. They also provide benefits like using their platform to communicate with your clients, providing a clear and safe way to receive payment, ways for your clients to provide testimonials, and much more.

In this episode, Upwork expert Leah Meyers walks us through how you can use Upwork to kickstart your freelance business - whether you’re looking for a side hustle, or ready to jump in full time! We cover the following topics:

  • How Leah built a business using Upwork and currently has a roster of 30 clients from all over the US and the world. She also shares what her day to day looks like as a mother of a 12 and 15 year old, plus a new puppy!
  • How to set yourself apart on Upwork through an awesome profile and custom cover letter 
  • The features and benefits (and a few downsides) of using Upwork 
  • What you can expect once you publish a profile 
  • Leah’s 4 Pillars of Finding Work on Upwork 
  • How you can access her free Getting Started Guide

Be sure to check out Leah’s website The Freelance Solution for more information, and follow her on Instagram and Facebook!

Here's what you'll find in this episode...

  • [:32] Upwork is an amazing resource for freelancers, and today, Leah Meyers tells us all about how to be a successful freelancer using Upwork (which, btw, she has been doing for the last two years, and generates a full-time income)
  • [2:08] Like lots of Kenza Collective members, Leah is a proud parent to two kids, and a new puppy, which means her virtual meetings now come with disclaimers about background noise
  • [3:08] When Leah moved, she needed her work to reflect her need for a mobile, flexible lifestyle, and got started on Upwork. As she called it, she needed that "laptop lifestyle" (we're here for it). She has since coached hundreds of others on how to do the same
  • [5:20] Sometimes, you don't know where to start, so you start everywhere. When Leah got on Upwork, she did alllll the things. Or, in the Midwest parlance, the hot dish of Upwork
  • [6:53] with Upwork, you get from it what you put into it. We can't always say the same about working for the man... 
  • [8:18] How exactly does Upwork work, anyway? Basically, you make a profile, then apply for jobs. Pro tip: if you need to submit a cover letter, tie your cover letter back to points in the job description. Be sure to also have a detailed profile, since that's where everyone will look
  • [9:13] Upwork also has a guide to help you with your profile so you can score jobs, which are either hourly, project based, or "packaged."
  • [10:00] Another awesome feature is that Upwork handles your billing by keeping track of your work, but it's also slightly creepy that Upwork is basically watching you work. Still though, you're guaranteed pay for the work you do, even if a client tries to ghost you
  • [12:41] Are Upwork subscriptions worth it? Leah suggests that if you're part time, it could be useful to have for visibility. If you're full time, use it until you land that job you need
  • [15:00] Identify what it is you want: part time, full time, as a hobby? Whatever your goal is, consistency is key with Upwork
  • [17:42] Leah works on Upwork building Kajabi websites, creating funnels and lead magnets for clients
  • [18:26] The COVID jitters were real, Leah went out and took on a TON of jobs when lockdown happened back in March
  • [20:35] So, profile is made, account is active.. how long should you expect to wait for your first Upwork gig? Leah suggest looking for short term jobs first so you can get deeper on that profile, and gather recs and higher scores on the platform
  • [21:22] The key to getting that client is consistency. Apply every day. Leah started with applying to 3-5 jobs a day, and personalized her cover letters for the client. Pro tip: instead of scrolling the 'gram, scroll Upwork job listings
  • [23:36] Give yourself permission to really dive in, and stop listening to your own excuses
  • [24:05] Pro tips from Leah: 1. Be consistent (worth saying again) 2. Take the lead in your conversations with clients; take out the guess work for your client, and let them know your process 3. Work efficiently, and track your projects 4. Charge what you're worth!
  • [28:55] A day in the life of a freelancing mom (spoiler: she loves it. She recently worked from a resort in Florida)
  • [32:03] Leah can help you get started, so before you even go to Upwork, check out her free guide. If you already made a profile (or started), she can review it for you, and she even offers 1:1 help 

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