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Invite, Persuade, Captivate: Client Communication Strategies with Professor Chase Andre

project + client + time mgmt Mar 18, 2021

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Aim for connection, not perfection.

Whether you’re presenting a proposal, showcasing your project progress, or leading a meeting, learning how to confidently present and effectively communicate your ideas is a must-have skill as a freelancer. 

Tiffany and Beth sat down with communications and public speaking guru, Professor Chase Andre, to teach you valuable pro-tips that you can put into practice right away, and learn about some exercises you can do to immediately sharpen your public speaking. Plus, we discuss how to captivate an audience with your virtual presentations!


In this episode, we cover:

  • Pro tips for presenting and selling your project proposals
    • Know your audience
    • Know your value
    • Know the problem you’re solving, and how you will slay the client’s proverbial dragon
  • How and why humor can be useful when presenting
  • Embracing public speaking jitters, and practical tips for overcoming nervousness
    • Preparation is key
    • What NOT to do when your mind goes blank during a presentation
  • Why you should write a script, practice it, then throw it away
  • Tactics for addressing awkwardness
    • Why conflict is an opportunity, and how you can make space for others to offer their interpretation of a problem
    • Using “I” statements
  • Practical ways to hone your skills
    • Record yourself giving your presentation, watch it, and invite others to watch as well
  • Three key ways to be a better virtual presenter


About Our Guest

Chase Andre is a Communications professor, empowerer of entrepreneurs, and father of two. He leads a number of seminars and courses on employing communication strategies in professional and personal relationships, for marketing campaigns, and even offers one-on-one coaching. This episode is chock full of tips and tricks you can use right now to become a better communicator & presenter, so get ready to take some notes!


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