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Learn about the magic of a "Discovery" phase

project + client + time mgmt proposals Nov 05, 2020

Ah, the proposal writing process. Love it or hate it, we all gotta do it.

But what if we told you there's a way to not only write more accurate and better proposals that don't go over time and budget, but that you can also get paid to do it?! Check out this quick episode to learn how!
If you need to improve at your proposal writing process, we're here to help. We've officially launched 1:1 coaching at The Kenza Collective! Everything from proposal writing to managing projects, time, energy, and clients, to managing your finances, understanding your cash flow, and much more!
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Here's what you'll find in this episode...

  • [1:19] Tiffany gets philosophical on what a proposal really is, and how it can be one of your most useful tools
  • [5:12] Option #1 if the project scope differs drastically from your proposal: you eat it and just settle for lost money and/or time (we hate to see it!)
  • [5:53] Option #2 if the project scope differs drastically from your proposal: your client eats it. You pad everything to be sure (also a bummer)
  • [6:15] Option #3 if the project scope differs drastically from your proposal: you have to put in a change order, which might erode the client's trust or kill project momentum
  • [7:31] Discovery phase, research phase, blueprint; whatever you call it, this is where you sell your client on a solid deliverable that allows you to explore what is needed for the project
  • [9:35] Step #1 to the discovery phase: schedule weekly meetings to establish goals
  • [10:31]  Step #2 to the discovery phase: map out the project and determine the real scope
  • [11:30] Step #3 to the discovery phase: discuss specifics of execution
  • [14:30] Yeah, but how do you actually sell your client on this? Tell 'em the truth, and walk them through the "why" of the discovery phase
  • [17:03] Bonus: the discovery phase of the project also acts as a screening test to make sure you want to work with that client (or not)
  • [19:29] Want to learn more about how to write a proposal? Get one-on-one coaching with Tiffany. Learn to better manage projects, your time, and understand how to stay on-time and budget with your proposals, and learn about project-based pricing


Don't just write proposals, write accurate proposals that get you paid.


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