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Learn how Beth plans to make your life a lot easier

money + taxes Jul 09, 2020

Tiffany and Beth have known each other since 2015, when they worked together at a business going through financial troubles. Beth was brought in to save the day with her financial prowess, and the two cultivated a mutual respect and fruitful friendship.

Although Tiffany did not know back in 2015 that Beth would one day be the financial guru for the Kenza Collective, Beth was the first and only person Tiffany thought of for the job when she wrote her business plan.


Meet Beth, Your New CFO Coach

Beth is a natural teacher. She is passionate about teaching people about finances and  empowering them to understand what’s going on in their small business, versus just telling them things.

In Beth’s own words, “everybody has the capacity to be their own CFO.” Beth believes we should all work for ourselves, and with her 25+ years of experience serving 50+ clients, she'll show you exactly how to financially manage your own business, and teach you about costly mistakes to avoid.

Beth started college as an Art major, but she soon swallowed the reality that she actually wasn't a great artist. She ended up with a degree in Communications, and landed a post-grad gig at an advertising agency.

Beth was seduced by the idea of writing copy and schmoozing accounts, but what the agency really wanted her for was managing the money. Beth was somewhat befuddled, but learned QuickBooks and thus began her decades-long mastery of accounting and business money management.

She soon realized that she was actually good at this whole money thing. So, Beth went back to school and got her MBA, moved to San Francisco, CA, and found a small business looking for a CFO. She created their financial systems and money management strategies - soup to nuts. 

Fast forward three years, Beth found herself post-divorce, moving down the coast to Santa Cruz, CA and consulting for a business in finance. When she was laid off from that job, she had had enough - she decided she would only work for herself from now on, just like she had always dreamed of. Beth started her own consulting business three weeks before the world changed with 9/11, and she hasn’t looked back.

Beth built her clientele the old-fashioned way: word of mouth. She realized the freedom that comes with no longer being what she calls a “captive employee;” she was no longer financially handcuffed to giving a business long hours, sacrificing vacation time, and wasn’t at the mercy of arbitrary decisions made by folks (sometimes folks with, ahem, “difficult” personalities) that held such power over her time and schedule.

She has gathered over two-and-a-half decades of knowledge on money management and practical business strategies for freelancers and small businesses alike, and can distill this knowledge in approachable, digestible ways. You can hear Beth tell more of her own story as a freelancer, how she built a client base, and how her business evolved into a CFO coach, by checking out Kenza Pod Episode #2. 

On most Fridays, we publish a "Finance Friday" episode, where Beth schools us on all things small business Finance. Subscribe to the Kenza Pod wherever you listen so that you don't miss out!


There Really IS No Time Like the Present

Beth is experiencing her 3rd economic downturn as a self-employed person, and she can assure you that this is a  great time to start working for yourself, and taking back control of your time! In the present moment, there is so much flexibility. Beth believes all it takes to start is a good solid plan, a lot of imagination, and some motivation. Beth wants you to know: you can make this work. 

The content Beth will be creating and sharing will help save you the time and headaches of mistakes that she has made or seen over the years.  As Americans, many of us have a not-so-great relationship with money, but Beth can guide you to mastering that relationship, dissolving fear and turning anxieties into actionable solutions.

Beth has cashflow prediction tool that will be coming soon, along with a TON more guidance, strategies, and content to help you realize your dream. In the US, there is often talk about how corporations are people. Beth posits that people can be corporations - and she can show you exactly how and, importantly, why. 

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