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Introducing Kenza Collective with Founder & CEO, Tiffany Jones

project + client + time mgmt Jul 10, 2020


Meet the Parent Who Decided to Redefine “Work-life Balance”

Kenza was born of a desire to take greater control of the work-life balance, and the need for resources for those who dream of freelancing or owning their own business, but have no idea where to start. Kenza is that starting point.

As a member of the Kenza Collective, you can look forward to content like mini and full courses explaining everything from cashflow, accounting, contracts, time & energy management, how to better nurture your client relationships, write air-tight proposals, and more. These courses are taught by a seasoned Project Manager (and mom of a toddler), and CFO Coach with over 25 years of experience

Kenza wants to help you run your freelancing business like an agency, to help you not be intimidated by the financial side of running your business, and to have the freedom to create whatever lifestyle you want to create for yourself and your family. Plus, we’ll have weekly podcast episodes and a forum where we can share tools & resources, get feedback & ideas, and inspire & support one another.


The Kenza Collective Story

Kenza was created by Tiffany Jones, a thirty-something wife and mom who was sick and tired of the 9-5 grind and its impact on her family. Tiffany has worked in the film industry, as a creator and general manager of coworking spaces, and as a producer at a bustling graphic and web design agency. In 2018, she became a mother to a gorgeous baby girl and realized that working for the man just wasn't going to cut it. She hated the fact that a traditional work schedule dictated how often she could spend time with her newly-expanded family.

When she went out on her own as a freelance project manager, she immediately started making 25% more, working less hours, and on a schedule and timeframe that served her and her family best. She knew she was on to something, and knew she wanted this for each and every parent who wants to take greater control of their own work-life balance. 

Soon after taking the leap as a freelancer, Tiffany went through a really tough time. Her problem was a “good problem,” but it put a huge burden on her family: she had accidentally overbooked herself. She had straight up committed more hours than she actually had to get the work done. She and her husband were bickering; she couldn’t figure out what was wrong; She wasn’t seeing her baby as much as she wanted to; she was working late… it was just a mess. 

So, she took a step back to see what was going on. She only had 3 clients, but between the three, she had signed on for about 6 projects—some projects were pretty simple, but some were quite in-depth. She wrote down each project she was working on and estimated how many hours each project was taking her each week. And there it was, clear as day: she had committed more hours in the week to work than she had of solid childcare. About 12 hours over. TWELVE HOURS! That’s why she was so stressed: she was trying to do more than she literally had time for.  She needed a way out of this, and she also needed a way to prevent it.  


Enter the Capacity Planning Tool

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Tiffany thought back to her last gig as a producer of an ultra-booked design and development agency, where she managed a team of developers, designers, writers, and each of their individual and team projects. One of the main ways she managed all this was her nifty Capacity Planning Tool, a simple spreadsheet that gave a quick, 50,000 ft view of each and every project. Through this, she could tell the owner when people could take on new projects, or when the studio could kick something off. It was incredibly important to preventing burnout and keeping clients happy. This was exactly what she needed now as a freelancer: a way to better plan out the weeks and understand capacity, availability, when a lull was coming, and much more. 

Tiffany then realized other people could use this information.

Maybe other parents out there are struggling to figure out how to keep all the balls in the air (if that's you, we have a podcast episode for that), especially now that a lot of parents have lost childcare. Then it hit her: she should make an online course! Once she dug in and figured out how to redefine work-life balance as a parent, she discovered her passion for making this new balance accessible to all parents who dream of a more liberated work life.


We are building a community of like-minded parents, united in the vision that career and parenthood can exist in harmony.


Tiffany’s background of managing film crews, building community at multiple coworking spaces, and running a design agency led her to this moment. Her unique mixture of passion, skills, and knowledge brought her to a place where she can now take all of that and help YOU! Sign up here and join the collective today.


A Note from Tiffany

I want to just speak briefly about the time we’re in right now. As of the recording of the first Kenza Pod episode, we are in July 2020, in the midst of a global pandemic with no end in sight.

In my journal, I recently wrote,”sometimes it feels strange to wonder what life will be like after this. What does after this even look like… and when will that be? “

I know things are tough, and that the entire ground is shifting beneath our feet. 

Now’s the time to rise up and help one another. If you’ve been laid off, let go, or are tired of trying to make a full time job work while also providing childcare, now might be a great time to build your own business. And when I say “build your own business”... it doesn't have to be more than just you. You have a skill or a set of skills that can be sold. As companies are now realizing that remote work can actually be a thing, they’re also going to realize that freelancers, independent contractors, and consultants can actually work really well for them, even if they can't actually meet in person. Companies are going to need experts, professionals, people who can get shit done. And if there’s one group of people on this planet that can get shit done, it’s parents. 


You can do this. Let us help.

Sign up for our newsletter to stay in touch. We have freebies (like my capacity planning tool and a cash flow projection tool) coming out soon, plus mini and full courses, and so much more. Your feedback on what problems you’d like to have solved is incredibly important to us. Send me an email at [email protected] and follow us on Instagram at kenzacollective. I can’t wait to meet you. 


Together, let’s reinvent what it means to be a working parent. 


You Can Do This

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