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Proposal to Paycheck Part I: Using the Discovery Call to Craft a Watertight Proposal

project + client + time mgmt proposals Feb 25, 2021

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Learn to squeeze every ounce of helpful info from your client calls

Have you ever found yourself slightly (or maybe more than slightly) nervous after booking that initial call with a potential client? Or maybe you got off the call and still had a lot of questions and weren’t prepared to actually write a proposal?  

In this info-packed episode, Tiff guides you through a tried-and-true process that will not only help you lead your first call with a prospective client, but will also teach you how to use that Discovery Call to write a sharp, solid proposal. We’ve even created a FREE proposal writing template, so you can kick off your next new client call with even more confidence. 


For the month of March, we’ll be diving into all things client management, including how to project manage and set expectations, what to do when a project gets off track, how to use emotional intelligence to create an excellent client experience, ways to pitch new projects to existing clients that you love working with, and so much more! Be sure to subscribe to The Kenza Pod on your favorite platform so that you never miss an episode!

Here is what you’ll find in this episode:

  • The importance of the Discovery Call, and how to use this call to determine if this client is a good fit
  • A step-by-step process for using the Discovery Call to craft a watertight proposal
  • A deep dive into the eight sections Tiffany includes in proposals, as well as which questions to ask your client to fill in each section
  • The answers to these FAQs:
    • What if there are too many unknowns in a project and I’m feeling nervous about how to scope it out properly?
    • What if the project timeline is unreasonable?
    • How do I present a scope of work?
    • If the scope is unclear, how do I figure out the price of the project?

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