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Season 4 Finale: Get a glimpse behind the scenes of Kenza, learn what it's like to be a Fractional CEO & CFO, join an upcoming workshop, and hear about Tiff's plans to explore the expat life.

mindset project + client + time mgmt Apr 28, 2022

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In this Season 4 Finale, Beth and Tiffany are taking you behind the scenes of Kenza and their consulting businesses! We discuss….

  • How their fractional CEO and CFO roles are going and why this is a really interesting consultant path to explore.
  • The plans that they have this summer, including Tiffany’s month-long scouting trip to Portugal as their family contemplates the expat life.
  • How to take advantage of all of Kenza’s resources for parents who are freelancing or consulting (or curious about how to make the leap).
  • Ways to work together through our mentorship programs or our one-off mentoring sessions (we love providing feedback and helping you work through specific scenarios in your business!).
  • An upcoming workshop in collaboration with Kat Lee of Empowered Curiosity called “The Energetics of Money” on June 25th and 26th. Our intention in this weekend intensive is to bridge the gap between spirit and logic so that you can build a secure relationship with money and feel nourished by your business. Spiritual Business Mentor Kat Lee will lead us to unravel our trauma knots around money so that we can examine the outdated beliefs and narratives that block us from receiving or managing abundance. Beth will be teaching the basics of small business accounting, empowering you to make decisions that will help you build a sustainable business. Join the revolution of spiritual entrepreneurs who are building conscious businesses that honor ethics, cyclical rhythms, and intuition! Learn more right here.

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