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So ya wanna be a...Business Process Consultant

so ya wanna be a Oct 21, 2021

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Our "So You Wanna Be a..." episodes are an ongoing series on The Kenza Pod where we interview like-minded parents to hear about their journey into entrepreneurship. 

They provide insight into what it's like to step out into the freelancing world as a busy parent and inspire you to use your skills and background to kickstart a new career path. To browse all of our “So ya wanna be a…” stories, click right here

We interviewed Allison Antoinette, a Business Process Consultant, to hear what it’s like to juggle clients, work, and show up as a calm and present parent to her toddler. You’ll learn all about the services she offers, how she finds her clients, and the fascinating story that led her to start this business.

Topics Discussed in this episode:

  • Allison's career path and how she got to where she is today
  • What a Business Process Consultant does
  • How she finds her clients 
  • What does a typical work week look like as she juggles work and motherhood
  • Tips for our listeners who may be considering a similar career path 

About Our Guest 

Allison is the founder and lead consultant at Allison & Co and believes in using businesses as a force to create positive change. With over a decade of operational experience spanning corporate and political sectors, she now helps purpose-driven businesses get organized behind the scenes, scale their processes to thrive profitably, service more clients, and create high-performing teams.

Links and Resources

To learn more about Allison, go to and follow her on Instagram @allisonandco_official

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