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So ya wanna be a...Digital Business Manager

so ya wanna be a Dec 02, 2021

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"Project and team management are a big part of being a DBM—laying out the plan, making sure it gets executed, making sure deadlines are being met, and learning how to shift and move things around to ensure things are getting done on time—are all a part of my job. Ultimately, what I aim to do as a DBM is take the daily operations off my client's plate. So if one of their team members has a question, they come to me first, not my client. This allows my clients to focus almost entirely on income-generating work.” 


This episode is for you if: 

  • You’re curious what a Digital Business Manager does, how many hours you need to dedicate to the role each week, and how to find your first client. 
  • You’re curious what the day-to-day looks like as a DBM and a parent.
  • You’re wondering how to make the transition from a Virtual Assistant to a Digital Business Manager.

We sat down with Megan Schenleber—Digital Business Manager, wife, and mother to a young daughter. In this episode, you’ll learn about Megan’s background, how she got started as a Virtual Assistant and transitioned into being a Digital Business Manager, what her day-to-day looks like juggling a freelance career with a young child, and a whole set of pro tips for those of you considering this career path. 


Links Mentioned + Other Helpful Resources

To learn more about Megan and connect with her check out her website and Instagram. 

Check out the Digital Business Manager Bootcamp course that Megan mentioned.

Check out Micala Quinn’s Overwhelmed to Overbooked course.


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About Our Guest

Megan is a Digital Business Manager who helps female coaches and course creators manage and simplify their business operations to focus on the big picture of their business. 

Before starting her freelance career, she received her bachelor’s degree in Business Management, emphasizing Human Resources. After working in the corporate world for over eight years, Megan decided to start her career in Human Resources because she wanted to help people. Starting a career as a Digital Business Manager has allowed her to help busy online business owners every day. 

Megan enjoys spending time with her husband, young daughter Marlowe, and cat Sweetie outside of work. She loves reading, being active, and is a big movie buff. 


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