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So ya wanna be a... Nonprofit Marketing Consultant with Katelyn Baughan, Founder of KB Digital

so ya wanna be a Mar 31, 2022

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“It’s hard for me not to have that much work right now because I feel like we are all so conditioned to be working all the time and to be busy. Our worth is tied to how much work we do or how much money we bring in or how productive we are. We’re all so proud of being busy and not having time to do whatever it is. And so right now my lesson is to just learn how to be. I don't have to be doing it to feel like I'm worth something."


We’re excited to introduce you to Katelyn Baughan, founder of KB Digital—a marketing consultancy for nonprofits—and a Mama of two. In this episode, we discuss her journey from the traditional workforce to starting her own business.

She describes why she decided to go out on her own, how she landed her first few clients, what life is like now that she is in full control of her time and energy, the dreams she has for the growth of her business, what it looks like to hire and manage subcontractors, and so much more.

If you’re interested in learning what it takes to offer freelance marketing services to nonprofits, then this is a must-listen episode!

This episode is for you if:

  • You’ve been wondering how to find clients when you’re starting out and need tips and strategies to land your first client.
  • You’re feeling overwhelmed with your workload and are wanting to hire a subcontractor but you aren’t sure how to start the process.
  • You are interested in nonprofit marketing services but don’t know what types of services nonprofits are needing or if they have the budget to afford the services you want to offer.

About Our Guest

Katelyn Baughan, founder of KB Digital, started her marketing career in tech then moved to the nonprofit sector to focus on mission-driven marketing. After having her first daughter (now has two!), she started her consultancy for more flexibility and freedom. Her strengths are digital strategy, project management, fundraising, and email marketing.

KB Digital’s mission is to help nonprofits inspire generosity through meaningful marketing strategies. Shas helped over 15 nonprofits raise more than 5 million dollars online through her consultant services.

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