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One Father's journey to becoming a licensed real estate agent

so ya wanna be a Sep 18, 2020


The goal of the "So ya wanna be a…" Kenza Pod series is to hear stories from parents who have started their own businesses while raising a family. ⁠

We explore both well-known and lesser-known freelance jobs, discuss how and why they got started, what skills they had that served them well, what skills they needed to learn, what the journey has been like as they’ve juggled working and parenting, and any pro-tips they may have if you’re considering a similar path. ⁠⁠

Ultimately, we want to use the power of storytelling to inspire and encourage you to take the leap into working for yourself!


Meet Kevin Burgoon from Smith & Burgoon Realty Group

In our second installment of our So ya wanna be a… podcast series, we sat down with Kevin Burgoon - real estate agent in the Sacramento, California area, and father of two young girls - to hear his journey of becoming a licensed agent as a new father.

Ever since Kevin was in 8th grade, he has dreamed about becoming a Real Estate Agent. When his first child was born, he knew it was time to take the plunge into working for himself so that he could create the flexible lifestyle & schedule that his family needed.

In this episode, we dispel the myth that you have to go “all in” on working for yourself - quit your job, take a huge risk, and just go for it. For some people, that might work. But for others, that’s just not necessary. Kevin shares with us how he worked with his employer to go part time while he built up his real estate business. He was able to provide health insurance and extra cash for his family, while also pursuing his dreams - win/win!

Kevin’s story is one of inspiration for anyone who is nervous to take the full plunge into entrepreneurship and is looking for a way to ease into it. We hope you enjoy hearing his story...we sure did!


Topics covered include:

  • How Kevin got creative by working with his employer to go part-time while pursuing his dreams.
  • What the process was like to take classes and get licensed all while juggling his responsibilities as a husband and new parent.
  • The 2 things he wished someone had told him in the beginning.
  • How he sets boundaries with his clients to protect his family time.
  • How he gets his two daughters involved in his business.
  • Why he decided to partner with a friend and how that relationship has grown over the years.


Links from the episode

You can learn more about Kevin and Brandon’s realty group on their website, and be sure to follow them on Instagram @smithandburgoonrg and Facebook @smithburgoon.

If you have questions, want to learn more about becoming an agent, or buying/selling real estate in the Sacramento area, email [email protected].

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