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Web3, NFTs, AI, ChatGPT… what does it all mean?! Explain it to me like I’m 5. With Ylva Predan, Founder of At Scale

mindset money + taxes Mar 21, 2023


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In this episode, Tiffany sits down with Kenza community member, mama of 3, and freelance Digital Business Manager, Ylva Predan, to talk all things new-tech.

For the first 20 minutes of the conversation, you’ll learn why Ylva decided to quit her career in the nonprofit sector to pursue freelance copywriting. We talk about how she found her first few clients and how she transitioned into being a Digital Business Manager.

We then dive into her new side hustle—At Scale, which is a newsletter about tech - in simple terms. The newsletter focuses less on “how it works”, and more on “what it means” – for entrepreneurs, businesses, and entire industries.

In this episode, you’ll learn simple, digestible definitions for Web3, NFTs, Blockchain technology, Smart Contracts, AI, and ChatGPT.

We discuss why it’s critical to stay up to date on new tech, not only for our businesses and our clients, but also for us to understand the world in which our kids are growing up in.

You’ll discover how she uses ChatGPT to stay in her zone of genius, why Ylva says “Web3 and AI will definitely impact anyone who is making a living online; it’s only a matter of when…”, and much more. 

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