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Considering starting a nonprofit? Listen to this first.

so ya wanna be a Oct 22, 2020

Ever thought of starting a nonprofit, but not really sure what that actually takes or looks like? Or perhaps you're considering a career change or pivot, and starting a nonprofit is something that you're curious about. ⁠
Wonder no more! ⁠
Beth has decades of experience working for and with nonprofits, and in this episode, she offers a ton of practical advice for you to consider as you embark on this journey.
In this episode, Beth answers questions like: ⁠
  • What are the various types of nonprofits that one can start?⁠
  • Can you make money working for a nonprofit? ⁠
  • What are some common pitfalls you should try to avoid? ⁠
  • What kind of team do you need? ⁠
  • What kind of time commitment will this take?⁠
  • What are your next steps if you think you have a good idea?⁠
.... and much more!⁠
We’ve officially opened up 1:1 coaching to The Collective! We’ve had a lot of requests for this service, so we are really excited to get it going!

Tiffany is here to help you with...

  • Understanding how to juggle clients while caring for children at home
  • Writing proposals that don’t go over time or budget
  • Teaching practical tips to manage your time and energy
  • Training on project management
  • Helping to break down your big goals into practical, actionable, realistic next steps
  • Giving feedback and advice on your online presence, your offerings, your pricing (no hourly!), your proposals and help you move through tricky conversations.

Beth is here to help you learn how to be your own CFO! She can walk you through...

  • Everything from basic to advanced accounting (depending on where you're currently at)
  • Helping you to manage your cash flow
  • How to build cash reserves for a rainy day
  • How to set up and maintain your accounting software

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