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Each of our tools come with a video or audio explainer, plus an editable Google Doc or Sheet so that you can dive in right away!


Expertly Manage Your Capacity to Prevent Burn Out and Avoid Lulls in Work

Google Sheet + 3 Instructional Videos

Get out ahead of crazy weeks so that you're proactive instead of reactive. See at a glance when you’re actually available to start a project, taking into account not only your client work, but your family responsibilities as well. Re-center yourself when you’re feeling a bit scattered. See when a lull is coming so that you can go out and book more work.

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Learn How to Use the Discovery Call to Write a Proposal

Google Doc + Audio Explanation 

Have you ever found yourself slightly (or maybe more than slightly) nervous after booking that initial call with a potential client? Or maybe you got off the call and still had a lot of questions and weren’t prepared to actually write a proposal? We have an episode and a template for that. 

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Expertly Predict Your Cash Flow to Avoid Overage Fees and Stressful Situations

Google Sheet + 5 Min Video

This tool takes no more than 5-10 minutes to update each week, and will save you the hassle of paying overdraft charges, spare you the worry of whether or not you can cover your bills in a given week, and really just give you the peace of mind you need to run your business finances on a week to week basis!

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Prepare Your Business for an Emergency or Unexpected Leave of Absence

Google Doc + Audio Explanation

2020 taught us all that the unthinkable can happen in the blink of an eye. When it comes to your business, you have a responsibility to your clients, your family, and your employees or contractors to be prepared for an emergency - whether it’s a death in the family, an illness, an evacuation, or anything else that suddenly takes you away from your work. Listen to an informative podcast episode where you hear Tiffany's first-hand experience of an emergency situation, and get your free checklist to put plans in place. Future you will be grateful that you did!

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You Can Do This

Self-paced online course for just $29

✓ Figure out what services you’ll offer to potential clients.

✓ Price yourself based on value, not on an hourly rate.

✓ Learn how to write a proposal.

✓ Find clients and dispel the myth that you’ll always be hustling for business.

✓ Understand and set up a streamlined financial structure

✓ Pay taxes and know when it’s time to get expert help.

✓ Get your online presence cleaned up and ready to go.  

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