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Using Sprints to Manage Fixed Timeline Projects

A critical skill to learn as a freelancer is the ability to organize a project timeline and actually stick to it.

Kenza CoFounder + CEO, Tiffany Jones, was a Project & Operations Manager in various industries for more than 15 years before going out on her own.

In this Kenza Class, you'll learn the Project Management technique she uses to keep clients and projects on track so that she can accurately plan out her schedule, make sure she's not over- or under-booked, and maximize her time as a busy Mama of a 3 year old. 

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By the end of this class, you will understand: 

  • What a sprint is and why you might consider implementing this style of project management.
  • Who this works for (and who it doesn't) - both on the client side and on your side.
  • How to set expectations for success.
  • Key information to gather before you write a proposal in this format.
  • How to actually plan a project in sprints - I'll walk you through a real life example of a project I'm currently managing!


Why is this important?

Because Scope + Time = Budget.

Many freelancers don't enforce the second part of that equation - time - and as a result, they find themselves in projects that drag on for months (when they could have been completed in weeks), which results in:

  • a loss of control over income and schedule predictability
  • projects losing momentum
  • clients going dark
  • projects dragging on for way longer than necessary
  • and a whole host of other issues that we'll go over in the class

Sound familiar?

In order to keep your projects on track, you need...

a combination of the right information at the right time...

a dose of patience and flexibility...

the ability to gracefully yet firmly hold people to their commitments...

and the ability to pivot a project when something unexpected comes up.

It can be a delicate balance between having grace for a situation where a project goes over the allotted timeline, and figuring out when it’s time to put a pause on the project and talk to your client about their options.

Like most things, if you can set appropriate expectations with your clients and any other contractors on your team about how this works, everything works out just fine.

How to Access the Class

The presentation has been pre-recorded so that you can either watch or listen at your leisure.

Afterwards, hop into our free Slack community to ask further questions, or book a virtual coffee date with Tiffany to talk specifics!

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About Your Instructor

Hi, I'm Tiffany! CoFounder and CEO of The Kenza Collective, where we teach parents how to work for themselves. 

I'm also a seasoned project manager with over 15 years of PM and Operations Management experience within varying industries. 

I've been able to translate my corporate PM skills to a successful freelance career, and I want to teach you how to do the same!

No matter what type of services you offer, if you're managing clients and projects, these are critical skills to learn.

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