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Resources for Working Parents

We curate resources from industry experts to help parents start, manage, and grow a successful freelancing or consulting business, so that you can find freedom and fulfillment as a working parent!


Learn the 8 key steps you need to take to successfully launch your consulting business

At just $29, this is the most affordable yet comprehensive intro course out there to help you launch your online business with confidence!

✓ Figure out what services you’ll offer to potential clients.

✓ Price yourself based on value, not on an hourly rate.

✓ Learn how to write a proposal.

✓ Find clients and dispel the myth that you’ll always be hustling for business.

✓ Understand and set up a streamlined financial structure

✓ Pay taxes and know when it’s time to get expert help.

✓ Get your online presence cleaned up and ready to go.  


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Business Financial Quickstarter

with CPA and Keep What You Earn Podcast Host, Shannon Weinstein

Get guidance on setup steps for your LLC, bank and credit card accounts, as well as tax planning tools and a community of like-minded entrepreneurs to share ideas and questions. You'll learn:

  • How to set up your business properly
  • How to properly separate your personal and business finances
  • What "reporting all of your income" really means
  • How to manage payment collection
  • What you need to track to manage your business finances
  • How to prepare for tax season

Spend 60 seconds to get an inside peek of this course right here. For just $199, this is a steal!

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The Ultimate Freelancer Bundle

with Upwork Expert, Lisa Cumes

Get the exact process that Lisa used to earn $125K her first 12 Months on Upwork. Your purchase includes 5 proven courses + 4 bonuses bundled into one irresistible offer.

Whether you're new to freelancing, or been hustling for years, these courses skip the boring basics and give you strategies, step-by-step instructions, and proven templates to find clients you like, do work you love, and get paid what you’re worth.

Use code KENZA for $100 off!

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Learn How to Use 'Sprints' to Manage Fixed Timeline Projects

In this FREE Kenza Class, you'll learn the Project Management technique that Tiffany uses to keep clients and projects on track so that she can: 

✓ accurately plan out her schedule & income

✓ make sure she's not over- or under-booked

✓  maximize her time as a busy Mama of a 3 year old


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Free Tools & Templates

Discovery Call Agenda, Proposal Outline, Emergency Preparedness Checklist, Cash Flow Projection, Capacity Planning, and more!

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