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Do You Ever Wish That There Was a Simple Roadmap for Being a Working Mom?

"The secret to success as a working mother is not doing it all or having it all—it’s letting go of those unrealistic expectations and learning to balance and manage it all in a way that is authentic to you, your family, and your unique situation. If that sounds like something you need in your life, then get ready to do a happy dance because I have the road map that you need to achieve it for yourself!"

- Claire Holmes, Founder of Mama Collaborative, and Kenza Collective Partner

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Learn How to Time Block
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Claire's Roadmap for Working Moms
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Time blocking is a critical skill to learn as a working parent

Below, check out an episode of The Kenza Pod to hear the 'why' behind time blocking, and then see it in action with a free video taken straight from Claire's course: How to Set Yourself Up for Success as a Working Mom.

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Watch Time Blocking in Action 

This video is part of Claire's larger course and online guide: How to Set Yourself Up for Success as a Working Mom. Click here to learn all about it!


Ready for your most productive morning ever?


Then you need Claire's simple but powerful Morning Triage PDF!

Claire knows what it feels like to be a busy mom, trying to juggle family responsibilities, personal life, and work commitments.

Finding simple time management techniques that actually work is more important than ever.

THE #1 thing she does every day to set herself up for success, whether at work or at home… can be found in this Morning Triage Daily Planner PDF.

You can download and print this document over and over again, or adapt it to fit your unique needs.

Using this template will help you find a simple way to streamline and organize your day to maximize productivity, efficiency, and good vibes... and minimize stress, frustration, and overwhelm.

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Learn How To Set Yourself Up For Success as a Working Mom

An Online Course & Resource Library for Moms Who Want To Find Success & Fulfillment In Their Personal Lives & Careers

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A Dynamic Resource Designed To Grow With You

This program was created to be a "resource library" for working moms like you. You can choose to watch any of the video lessons in any order. Start where you are and utilize the resources that resonate most with you.

Mama Collaborative will be at your side when you’re…

  • Exhausted and something needs to give.

  • Feeling resentful that you don’t have a better balance.

  • Scared you’re underperforming at home or at work.

  • Depressed from unrealistic expectations.

  • Disengaged from friends, family, and colleagues due to a complete lack of energy.

  • Feeling totally lost with no direction.

No matter what you may face…

Just like a good friend, these resources will always be here for you!

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The bottom line?

You can either…

Keep trying to “do it all” yourself while struggling with a lack of balance and an overwhelming amount of mom-guilt.


You can take initiative and give yourself the gift of learning how to have a better balance in your life, without feeling like you’re over-sacrificing.

I'm Ready to Invest in Myself!