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If you're feeling overwhelmed by how much you need to learn about small business accounting, you're not alone.

There's a lot to figure out when you take that bold step into entrepreneurship... we've all been there! I'm here to answer all of your financial related questions, and empower you to become your own CFO.

Hi, I'm Beth - your new Finance Mentor.

Whether you're just getting started and have no idea what a P&L is or how to use that accounting software you just signed up for, or you're more advanced and looking to learn how to take your finance-game to another level—I'm ready to meet you right where you are—no judgement.

Let's take the scare out of money, and simply discuss it like you would a recipe: Step one, do this. Step two, do this. Step three, enjoy!

We don’t have to give money any more power than that.

Together, we'll dive into your books, learn about the key reports you should be monitoring, help you understand important concepts, answer all of your questions, and much more. 

In the end, I'll empower you with the knowledge & confidence that you need to truly run your business like a pro, no matter your starting point or education level.

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Key Features of Our Flexible Mentoring Program

Using the combination of a framework + customization based on your unique business needs, I will ensure that you're getting the exact mentoring you need, when you need it. 


Choose from a list of topics that you can receive mentorship on, including:

  • understanding basic financial vocab + setting up a healthy financial infrastructure 
  • understanding your options in terms of business entity formation
  • how to prepare for and work with a tax person
  • how to manage cash flow and read your financial reports
  • how to create and stick to a budget
  • how to use Quickbooks
  • knowing when it's time to hire a bookkeeper
  • plus more advanced concepts like: how to work with banks for loans and credit; setting up an accounting department; inventory management; cost accounting; advanced budgeting, etc. 

Working Sessions

Want to dive into a software or project together? Let's do it! For example...

  • We can walk through Quickbooks together and make sure you fully understand what you're looking at and how to use it.
  • Or we can work together to create a budget based on your unique financial goals and constraints.
  • These sessions aren't just me talking at you and creating more to-do's. Let's get in there and do it together!

Mix n' Match

Choose up to two sessions to meet with Tiffany Jones - Kenza's CEO - for project and client management training or working sessions. Some ideas include:

  • learning how to write proposals and price yourself based on value (not hourly)
  • lean into her 6+ years of experience producing 6-figure websites and get feedback on your online presence
  • receive training on Asana so that you can better manage your projects and clients. 
  • For more ideas, click here

Flexible Scheduling

Can’t make a session and have to cancel at the last minute? We get it: life happens... especially with kids!

Simply record a Loom video of whatever you wanted to discuss and I'll send a response within 24 hours (M-F).

Check Out My Process

For the last 25 years I’ve worked with over 60 organizations in one way or another – from bookkeeper to CFO to volunteer Board treasurer.

I’ve also started at least 4 businesses of my own while helping other people start theirs. My two oldest businesses are 20 and 16 years old and still going.

After a BS degree in advertising and a minor in psychology from Syracuse University, I worked for a few years in advertising/marketing/business development before heading back to school for an MBA. 

Once exposed to various business subjects in grad school, my career morphed into small business financial management because I saw the need. I have seen – and in many cases, fixed – a whole lot of business issues.

I'm here to help you avoid those issues so that you can focus on what matters most: creating a career and a life that serves your family's needs. 

I've spent enough time inside large corporations to immediately get why working for The Man is not the life for me.

If you’re reading this right now, you probably reached that point as well. 

Let's not allow a lack of knowledge around business finances hold you back from pursuing a life of freedom and autonomy!

Let's Work Together

Three Affordable & Flexible Options to Meet You Right Where You Are

Tier One

One 75-Minute Session


  • Get your specific questions answered, or receive training on budgeting, Quickbooks, cash flow management, and more. 
  • Can send me materials ahead of time to review for preparation
  • No long-term commitment. Book as-needed.

Tier Two

Monthly Mentoring

3-month commitment billed monthly


  • Two 75-minute sessions per month
  • Option for two out of the six sessions to be with Tiffany for personalized operations training.
  • $10 discount on additional sessions during the 3-month period 
  • Can send documents or questions for me to review prior to meeting.
  • All sessions are available for an asynchronous Loom communication if a meeting has to be cancelled last minute. 

Tier Three

Monthly Mentoring + Access Between Sessions

3-month commitment billed monthly


All of the same perks as Tier Two, plus...

  • Unlimited access to me throughout the month via Loom and Slack. Expect a turnaround time of 48 hours M-F.* 
  • $20 discount on additional sessions during the 3-month period
  • Option for four out of the six sessions to be with Tiffany.
  • Included access to our You Can Do This course. 

*Note that this is for feedback or guidance only, not to perform tasks. 


Our Framework: Structure and 
Flexibility for the Working Parent


Kickoff Meeting

I will send you a questionnaire ahead of time, and then we'll get into the details at our Kickoff together. We'll discuss things like: 

  • What you're hoping to achieve with your business—planning to stay as a solopreneur, or do you want to scale?
  • What are your most urgent questions based on where your business is at right now? 
  • What is your mindset around money?
  • All of this information will help us craft a plan for you that's realistic while still reaching your goals.


Customize a Plan

Once I have a better idea of where we're starting from and where you're hoping to go, I'll put together a more customized plan for the remainder of our sessions.

For some, we'll start at the beginning to understand basic accounting terms and concepts.

For others, we may dive right into solving more complex issues that your business is facing.

Using my decades of experience, I will expertly guide you through what I feel is the most useful and comprehensive mentoring experience for where you are. 


Do the Work

We'll move through our sessions with flexibility and intention. 

Depending on what our goals are, I may provide some "homework" for you after our sessions and then check in as we go.

Or perhaps we're scheduling some working sessions to make sure you understand how money is flowing in and out of your business in Quickbooks.

You may choose to schedule a couple of sessions with Tiffany to go over your proposals and pricing. 

The outcome of our time together will be: Empowerment, knowledge, and confidence that you can manage your business finances, understand where you need to pivot, and eventually be able to hand your bookkeeping off to someone else if you so choose.

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