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Feeling a combination of overwhelm and exhilaration by the transition from corporate to freelance life? 

I've been right where you are - trying to figure out all the things with a new baby on my chest and a laptop on my desk. I knew there had to be a better way to balance motherhood and career. 

Freelancing was my key to freedom, but it also came with a major learning curve that I was not fully prepared for.

If you can relate, you're in the right place.

You're ready to quit the rat race and join those of us who have taken our careers into our own hands to create a life and a living that truly works for your family. 

You know that you have the experience & network to help you build a successful freelance or consulting business.

Now it's time for that secret sauce: mentoring by someone who has been there, done that.

Think of me like your temporary business partner. Your go-to resource for help with decisions, connections to my network, and feedback on key decisions.

I want to help you get clear on what you're trying to do, why you're trying to do it, and how you're going to do it as you juggle kids, finances, clients, and your personal life. 

Key Features of Our Flexible Mentoring Program

Using the combination of a framework + customization based on your unique business needs, I will ensure that you're getting the exact mentoring you need, when you need it. 


Choose from a list of topics that you can receive mentorship on, including:

  • project management techniques
  • how to manage clients like an expert
  • proposal writing & presenting
  • setting up an online presence
  • ...and more!

Working Sessions

Want to dive into a software or project together? Let's do it! For example...

I can train you on Asana, Squarespace (and pretty much any other kind of CMS), Canva, and more. 

We can comb through a proposal together, set up a project plan in your PM software, or co-create a plan for transitioning out of hourly and into project-based pricing. 

Mix n' Match

Choose up to two sessions to meet with Beth Gummere - Kenza's CFO - for finance training or working sessions. Some ideas include:

  • understanding business finance basics or advanced concepts
  • ensuring that your books are up to date for year-end
  • getting ahead of next year's tax season

Flexible Scheduling

Can’t make a session and have to cancel at the last minute? We get it: life happens... especially with kids!

Simply record a Loom video of whatever you wanted to discuss and I'll send a response within 24 hours (M-F).

Check Out the Weekly Framework

Kickstart Your Freelance Career & Avoid Costly Mistakes with Operations Mentoring

Whether you’re already working with clients, or still making plans to hand in your notice, this program will help you accelerate your goals and start building a freelance career that serves your family’s scheduling needs, your career aspirations, and your financial goals. 

I've been freelancing since 2019 and have learned a lot over that time. With my 15+ years in Project Management across many client-facing industries, I will help you transform through this transition from captive employee to free and fulfilled Independent Contractor!

Get Started

“You just taught me in one hour what would have taken me 2 years to learn the hard way, losing thousands along the way.”

- Rachael H. 

Founder of Rainfall Creative and Mama to 2 youngins

Three Affordable & Flexible Options to Meet You Right Where You Are

Tier One


One 75-Minute Session


  • Perfect option for a one-off training on everything from proposal writing & selling, to moving from hourly to project based pricing, and much more.
  • No long-term commitment. Book as-needed. 
  • Can send me materials ahead of time to review for preparation

Tier Two


3-month commitment billed monthly

  • Two 75-minute 1:1 sessions per month (6 sessions total).
  • Option for one out of the six sessions to be with Beth for personalized financial training.
  • I will review materials ahead of time and follow up with any notes from our meeting. 
  • All sessions will be recorded for future reference.
  • All sessions are available for an asynchronous Loom communication if a meeting has to be cancelled. 

Tier Three


3-month commitment billed monthly

All of the same perks as Tier 1, plus...

  • Unlimited access to me throughout the month via email, Loom, and Slack.
  • Ask me anything: review proposals and send notes, get answers to specific questions, run something by me or Beth before hitting send, etc. Expect a turnaround time of 48 hours M-F. 
  • Option for two out of the six sessions to be with Beth.
  • Included access to our You Can Do This course.  

Our Framework: Structure and Flexibility for the Working Parent

After our first meeting, we may decide to rearrange some of our sessions based on where you're at today and the specific needs you have. This is a sample framework to give you an idea of how we work. 


Session 1: Kickoff!

I will send you a questionnaire ahead of time, and then we'll get into the details at our Kickoff together. We'll discuss: 

  • Personal, financial, and professional goals.
  • Your time constraints including hours you can work, what your childcare situation is like, and how you can work (i.e. can you do 3-4 hour chunks of focused time, or just 30-60 min chunks here and there. This makes a big difference and is an important detail that's often overlooked.) 
  • Identifying your ideal client - type of work they do, what they're like to work with, size of business, etc. 
  • All of this information will help us craft a plan for you that's realistic while still reaching your goals. 

Session 2:
 Student's Choice

Pick from our list of topics to dive into or have an optional session with Beth for financial training or advice. 


Session 3: Online Presence

Your online presence is critical. You must have an updated LinkedIn and a simple website. Let's make sure your online presence reflects the professionalism and quality work that you bring to the table.

In this session, you'll tap into my 6+ years of experience working as an Agency Producer for six-figure marketing websites. 

  • I'll do a full review ahead of time and come with suggestions. 
  • This is also an opportunity to get CMS training or help with any other technological integrations and tools.

Session 4:
 Student's Choice

Pick from our list of topics to dive into or have an optional session with Beth for financial training or advice. 


Session 5: Proposals & Pricing

Writing proposals and figuring out how much to charge are a critical piece to this puzzle. If your proposal isn't watertight, the entire project could fall apart. 

  • We'll discuss various proposal styles and their pros and cons.
  • I will share some of my actual proposals with you so that you can get an idea of how I do it. 
  • Learn how to price yourself based on value, not on time. 
  • Understand the critical role that client management plays when it comes to all of this. 

Session 6:
 Student's Choice

Pick from our list of topics to dive into or have an optional session with Beth for financial training or advice. 

Choose Your Plan

Your Questions Answered

Have more questions? Just shoot me an email: tiffany at

Together, let's reinvent what it means to be a working parent. You with me?

Let's Do This!