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Your finances should align with your values.

If the term “wealth consciousness” seems nebulous or foreign to you, you’re far from alone; women in particular struggle with financial anxiety. 

Financial advisor and wealth consciousness coach AJ Bishop focuses on helping women define and create their own wealth consciousness, eradicate their financial anxieties, and empower themselves to be in full control of their wealth and financial futures.

AJ spoke with Beth about the ways COVID impacted her as an entrepreneur and stepmother to 4 teenagers, why she chooses to coach women, and dives into what “women-centric” investing looks like. AJ also gives her insights into other financial health and advice topics, like:

  • The shift from corporate to freelance life, and why you need a mindset shift in order to ramp up your finances
  • The “soul work” that needs to be done to cultivate wealth consciousness
  • Why you need both a personal and business finance plan
  • Aligning with your partner or spouse on personal and business financial goals
  • The 12-week course designed to help you create and shift your money mindset

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