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We believe in autonomy, freedom, and holding the power to dictate how we spend our days.

Hi, I'm Tiffany, Co-Founder & CEO of The Kenza Collective

And those other people in the photo are my why.

After making the leap from a steady job to the independent contracting world, I knew there was no turning back.

I suddenly had complete control over my schedule, my income, and the type of clients I wanted to work with.

The feeling has been exhilarating and so freeing!

Having the freedom and ability to create a life and schedule that works on my family's terms, not someone else's, has become important now more than ever.

It's time for us to take back our autonomy and build a life and a living that works for our families, versus bending our family's needs to make money for someone else.

I know that it can feel overwhelming to transition out of traditional full-time work and suddenly be tasked with running your own business, figuring out health care, managing your cash flow, and so much more.

We are here to educate, inspire, and empower you to take matters into your own hands by leveraging the network and experience you already have. 

Together, let’s reinvent what it means to be a working parent.

I can't wait to meet you!

- Tiffany

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Meet Beth, Kenza's CFO

Beth seriously has a heart of gold, which is clearly reflected in her career and life path.

She's like that older, wiser sister that we all wish we could have. 

She is known around town as the one to call if your business needs to be untangled from a financial mess, cleaned up, rescued, turned around… you get the point. 

During her 25+ year career, she’s seen it all. From family-run businesses to silicon valley startups, to nonprofits, small businesses, and everything in between.

Now she wants to take her years of experience and bring it to you so that you can avoid having to call someone like her!

She is super fun to be around, tells it to ya straight, loves to serve & help others, and truly wants to help you find a life of freedom through running your own business. 

Kenza is just one place where she serves. In addition to running her own freelance business, she also serves as Board Treasurer for Catamaran Literary Reader, an Art and Literary Magazine based in Santa Cruz; she’s a Founding Board Member and the Treasurer/Secretary for the New Ballet in San Jose; Treasurer for the Santa Cruz Rowing Club; and she was recently appointed Board President for the Homeless Garden Project, an organization that helps people who have hit rock bottom to turn their lives around in a safe and supportive farm environment, while learning job skills and preparing to re-enter the workforce.

See how awesome she is?!

We are so lucky to have Beth on the team, and we can’t wait for you to get to know her! 

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Kenza is a Collective of like-minded parents who know that there’s a better way to balance career and parenthood.


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