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Is your lack of an operational framework causing you to feel overwhelmed and holding you back from making more money?

mindset project + client + time mgmt proposals Dec 01, 2022

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In this deep dive episode about the Operations of your business, Tiffany walks you through the four phases of a project and helps you understand how to set up a solid operational framework that will help you: 

  • keep projects on time and on budget
  • create healthy communication boundaries with your client
  • establish yourself as an expert and a leader
  • ensure that your clients have an incredible experience with you, leading to longer term relationships and more referrals
  • make more money through higher-ticket offers and the ability to take on more clients and projects

If you're experiencing any of the following symptoms, it's time for you to take a look at your operational framework and make some changes ASAP: 

  • Your projects keep going over the projected timeline and you don't know how to prevent it.
  • You are waaaay too integrated into a client’s communication channels—you have their email address, you're in their chat and PM apps, etc—and you don’t like it but you don’t know how to get out of it or how to prevent it. 
  • You keep losing control of projects—your clients question your decisions or suggestions, they don't get back to you when you ask them to, they continually ask for things that are out of scope, they push project timelines and deadlines, etc.
  • You are just feeling a general sense of disorderliness, overwhelm, and like you're constantly treading water trying to manage your clients and projects.

It's easy to think that maybe you need to create a new framework for the services you offer, or that you need to re-brand or do something else drastic to fix these symptoms. When in reality, it's quite likely that the real issue is a lack of leadership on your end and an operational framework that's repeatable and reasonable for both you and the client.

Operations are the heartbeat of a company. They are the foundation of everything: your client's experience, how much you can grow your company, and ultimately how much money you can make and how stressful (or not) it'll be to accomplish your goals.

In this episode, you'll get to take advantage of Tiffany's 15+ years of operations in TV production, creative agencies, and coworking spaces, and learn what it takes to create a stellar experience for both you and your clients so that you can make more and work less! :)


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